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Ist die Tragheit eines Korpers von seinen Energieinhalt abhangig?
In: Annalen d. Phisik 1905, 18, p639-641.
And: Uber das Relativitatsprinzip und die aus demselben gezogenen
Folgerungen. In: Jahrbuch Radioaktiv. u. Elektronik 1907, 4, p411-462.
With Corrections in 5, p98-99

For the first time Einstein established that the mass of a body is the
measurement of its energy content, the celebrated relation E=mc squared.
He demonstrates that there is an enormous amount of energy stored in mass,
which is released in radioactivity and nuclear reactions.

The three volumes complete, bound in half cloth - $1950

FEYNMAN, Richrd Phillips:
Space-Time approach to non-relativistic quantum mechanics.
Reviews Modern Physics. 1948, 20, p367-387.

With the superposition of probability in quantum mechanics, Feynman
develops a non-relativistic quantum theory.

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Nuclear Constitution of Atoms.
In: Proceedings Royal Soc. Ser. A 97, p374-400.

By bombarding a nitrogen atom with alfa particles, for the first time
Rutherford produces the disintegration of the nitrogen atom.

In original wrappers - $600

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