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Uber eine eigenartige Erkrankund der Hirnrinde.
In: Zentralblatt Nervenheikunde u. Psychiatrie, 1907, 30, p177-179.

First description of the Alzheimer Disease. He describes a case of senile
dementia in a 51 years old woman. At the autopsy the microscopical analysis
revealed changes in the brain which were correlated with histological findings,
and the signs and symptoms of dimentia.

With English translation in: Neurology, 1969, 21, p109-110. The Alzheimer
paper in a complete volume, bound half cloth; the translation in wrappers - $1350

EGAS MONIZ, Antonio Caetano de Abreu Freire:
L'encephalographie arterielle, son importance dans la localisation
des tumeurs cerebrales.
Revue Neurologie. 1927, 34, part II, p72-90.

By using X-rays, and radioactive iodine, Egas Moniz made visible the blood
vessels of the brain; he discovered and developed the cerebral angiography.
Nobel Prize 1949.

Complete volume, bound - $580

KENDALL, Edward Calvin (1886-1972)
The isolation in crystalline form of the compound containing iodine,
which occurs in the thyroid; its chemical nature and physiological activity.
Transactions Assoc. American Phisicians. 1915, 30, p420-449.

Kendall was the first to isolate crystalline thyroxine, one of the two thyroid
hormones. Thyroxine was used in hypothyroidism, mixedema, and cretinism.
Nobel Prize 1950.

Complete volume, bound in cloth - $390

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