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KEKULE von STRADONITZ, Friedrich August:
Ueber die Constitution und die Metamorphosen der chemishen
Verbindungen und uber die chemische Natur des Kohlenstoffs.
In: Annalen Chemie und Pharm. 1858, 106, p125-159.

Kekule reveals the discovery of two of the greatest achievements in chemistr:
the tetravalence of carbon, and the ability of carbon atoms to link with one another.

Complete volume bound in cloth - $580.

UREY, Harold Clayton et al.
A Hydrogen isotope of mass 2.
In: Phisical Review,1932, 39, p164-165.

First communication on the discovery of deuterium. The authors describe a heavy
isotope of hydrogen, later named deuterium, present in hydrogen in a 1: 4000
concentration. Nobel Prize 1934 (Urey).

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BURBIDGE, Margaret Eleanor, et al.
Synthesis of the elements in stars.
In: Review Modern Phisics, 1957, 29, p547-650..

The authors show that all the naturally occuring elements except the primordial
ones (Hydrogen and Helium) are built up inside stars by nucleosynthesis:
Hydrogen burning gives helium; helium burning gives carbon, oxygen and neon.

In original wrappers - $320

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