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BABBAGE, Charles:
Observations on the analogy which subsist the calculus
of functions and other branches of analysis.

In Philosophical Trans. 1817, p197-216. He shows that the calculus of functions
resembles common algebra or the integral calculus.

Part II of the volume in blank paper covers - $480

LAGRANGE, Joseph Louis:
Lecons sur le calcul des fonctions.
In Jurnal Ecole Polyttechn. 1803, No.12, pp1-324.

Lagrange presents the study of the tangents to curves and surfaces.

In blank paper covers; quarto, uncut - $450

NASH, John Foster Jr.
Analiticity of the solutions of implicit functions problems
with analytic data. In: Annals of Math. 1966, 84, p345-355;
And: Arc structure of singularities.
In Duke Mathem. Jl. 1995, 81, p31-38.

After the publication of the first paper, Nash wrote a second part which was sent,
but not published by Annals of Math. Thirty years later a copy was found in a
Princeton Library and published in 1995. Nobel Prize 1994.

In original wrappers - $550

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