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ADAMS, John Couch:
On the secular variation of the moon's mean motion.
In: Philosophical Transact. 1853, 143, p397-406.

Adams calculates the secular variation of the mean motion of the moon and shows
that the moon has an apparent acceleration relative to the Sun, and that the solar
action depends on the eccentricity of the earth's orbit. Part III of vol. 143.

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LE VERRIER, Urbain Jean Joseph:
Recherces sur les mouvements d'Uranus.
In: Comptes Rendus Acad. Sciences, Paris 1846, 22, p907-920.
And: Sur la planete qui produit les anomalies observees dans le
mouvement d'Uranus. 1846, 23, pp428-438; 657-659, 741.

In the first paper Le Verrier demonstrates the discrepancies in the movements
of Uranus cannot be explained unless we admit the existence of another planet.
In the second paper he gives the exact position and the apparent diameter of the
new planet. Thus the planete Neptune was discovered which initially was named
Le Verrier's planet.

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EDDINGTON, Arthur Stanley:
On the instability of Einstein's spherical world.
Monthly Notices Roy. Astron. Soc. 1930, 90, p668-678.

Eddington writes that the universe is not static, but in a state of unstable equilibrium
balanced between expansion and collapse. He shows that the universe is now doubling
its radius every 1400 million years, and this rate will increase in the future. He also gives
a value for the total mass of the universe.

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